Published by: R. Smetak | 4/16/2020

How to Stay Busy at Home While Cooped Up

We did some research for you and came up with some great ideas.

The whole world, including you and your family are quarantined at this time. At some point, even introverts will go a little stir crazy after a bit, especially if you have kids at home. The good news is more and more companies are coming up with creative ideas to keep us engaged during these times.

Here are a few ideas we’d like to share with you:

  • Google launched augmented reality (AR) object search in 2019, but now trying to fin more things to entertain yourself with, and kids especially, this is a fun way to interact and keep yourself busy for a few hours.
  • DIY projects around the house. They can be simple, easy and inexpensive. Start pinning on Pinterest and see what you can tackle.
  • The weather is getting better and you can also start prepping for that garden you’ve always wanted.
  • More and more exercise programs are free online today. You can join FREE. Peleton is offering 9- days free. Orange Theory is another one offering free classes.
  • Host a Netflix watch party. If you have a Netflix subscription you can schedule a time and watch a movie together. You can play and pause at the same time, while watching the movie and keeping the conversation going.
  • Nasa has launched an online education tool for learning.
  • Stream a concert or opera online. Many artists are getting on social media and streaming live concerts.
  • Museums are offering virtual tours. Here is a list of some you can tour.
  • Local Zoos are offering ‘live” shows and educational series for kids and adults.
  • Getting out for a walk, meditation or yoga are very helpful.
  • Getting creative with the kids, whether it be imaginary play, arts or crafts.

We know in these uncertain times there can be a lot of questions. Check out our FAQs for further assistance, or another one of our resources.