Published by: K. Stinson | 6/17/2021

7 Must-Have Qualities to be a Great Partner

Discover the habits of highly-successful employees.

Two men dressed in business attire reviewing documentation on laptops with the title: 7 Must-Have Qualities to be a Great Partner

There are many characteristics that employers look for in employees. Many of these can often influence or change the workplace environment. So, what makes a great employee? In this blog post, we highlight seven characteristics of an exemplified partner and what that looks like at Union Home Mortgage (UHM). 


  1. Positive Attitude

A positive attitude can change the behavior of the workplace. Whether it's saying hello with a smile to fellow partners every morning or working through daily tasks without complaining, a positive partner can brighten everyone's day at work. 


At UHM, we want to create a positive work experience for everyone. #6 of our Code of Conduct states, "As a Partner, you are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive work environment for all other Partners." We work together as a team to create a better work environment for everyone. 


  1. Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the desire to learn more constantly, to expand your knowledge and skills daily and strive to be better than you were yesterday. A partner with this ambition can inspire and motivate those around them. In turn, they can influence and change the pace of the workplace. 


#3 of our Code of Conduct states, "Each Partner must be committed to Growth, Productivity, and Execution – the foundation of all future success." UHM is more than a job. It's a place that encourages each partner to grow. We want to see our Partners succeed in every area of life, whether it's now or ten years later.


  1. Adaptable

Today, things are constantly changing in this fast-paced world. Businesses need to stay up to date with current events and trends, or they will fall far behind. For example, a news report may be released on the negative effects of mortgages on the economy. As a mortgage company, we need to decide when and how to respond before it's too late. This may involve some partners rearranging their schedule to fit an extra blog post or social media post into their daily schedule. 


A partner that can consistently change their schedule based on the needs per day while staying focused on their tasks at hand can be a great asset. #8 of our Code of Conduct states, "Every day, create "Raving Fans" of Customers and fellow Partners by exceeding expectations." At UHM, we strive daily to give our best to our customers and fellow Partners. Oftentimes this means changing our schedule to best suit their daily needs. 


  1. Always Communicating

As many have said before, communication is key. A lack of communication can slow projects down, which can cost a lot of time and money. Miscommunication can spark unnecessary arguments, confusion and stress. As an employee, partner, manager or CEO, communication should always be prioritized in the workplace. 


Here at UHM, we want Partners to over-communicate. Having more information and context to any situation or task can help resolve problems and complete tasks more efficiently. #7 of our Code of Conduct states, "Over-communicate with everyone: Customers, Realtors, Brokers, and fellow Partners." We want to be open and honest with everyone. More communication is better communication. 


  1. Team Player

Being on a team can be helpful, but it's not always easy. Different people can bring a lot of different thoughts and opinions to the table. As a team member, you may not always agree with the group, and that's okay. However, you want to present your thoughts respectfully, in a way that enhances the group experience, not hinders it. #9 of our Code of Conduct states, "Be Professional – respect fellow Partners; Never have a verbal conflict with anyone over anything. If you do, all Partners lose".


When working on a project, multiple perspectives can provide ideas that you might not have thought of otherwise. Being on a team can also teach you how to delegate tasks and trust others to complete those tasks on time. By communicating and trusting each other, you will learn that teamwork can make a big project feel easy. It can build a better team.  


  1. Reliable

It's hard to work with someone when you can't count on them to be there or finish their work on time, especially on a team. An unreliable partner can cause a lot of stress in the workplace. Tensions arise between other partners when unfinished work gets piled up and added to their already full to-do lists. Making small efforts to show up on time, complete daily tasks and be prepared for what's next can significantly impact the workplace environment. 


A reliable partner is an essential part of any team. #1 of our Code of Conduct states, "Everyday, be engaged and passionate. Your fellow Partners are counting on you". At UHM, we want our Partners to be engaged and love working with other Partners. Our workplace is one big team. We count on each other to be present and be prepared, all while having fun.


  1. Discipline

"Discipline" seems like a harsh word. However, it can simply mean staying focused and getting your work done on time when it comes to the workplace. Being disciplined is learning how to divide up time for work and time for fun. 


You can have fun at work, make connections with co-workers, and make the most out of your day, all while making time to complete daily tasks. #2 of our Code of Conduct states, "Have fun, but get it done on time." Here at UHM, we like to have fun at work while managing our time well and getting the job done. 


Being a Great Partner 

Now it's time to put these characteristics into practice. Whether you're a CEO or the new intern, you can leverage these qualities to guide your everyday decisions and actions. Change the pace of your workplace and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.