Published by: P. Mooney | 7/29/2019

What to Look for in a House You Plan to Retire in

Whether it’s finances, your health or you’re looking for a change in environment, purchasing a new home to live in after you retire is an important decision.

elderly happy couple

As you grow older, the idea of retirement may come earlier than you anticipate. One of the many parts of retirement is making sure the home you live in accommodates your retirement plan. 

While looking for a home that meets your needs, consider these items:


Where your future home is located is very important. What if you find a home that suits your needs but you don’t like the area? The home may be in a suburb, where there’s less hustle and bustle, but far from amenities like grocery stores and other businesses you might need access to. Find a location that’s accessible to everything you may need and want, as this will be the home (and neighborhood) you plan to live in for the rest of your life!


The future is unpredictable. Avoid purchasing a home that could be a burden for someone else to maintain or sell. A home should be affordable. Aim to buy less than what you can afford, as this will ensure your home isn’t a loss if a major life event should occur.


As our age increases, our bodies and health can change as well. Moving around could become more difficult and take a little longer. A one-story home is perfect for an adult who wishes to age in place, as it lessens the risk of injury. Accessibility should also be considered, so look for homes that have easy-to-reach appliances, cabinets, and wide hallways, etc.

Ready to find your dream retirement home? Reach out to a loan expert to find out what mortgage is best for you and your financial situation.