March 09, 2018

Union Home Mortgage Corp. is now a Direct Freddie Mac Approved Seller

Union Home Mortgage Corp. will offer more products and increased efficiency as a Direct Freddie Mac Approved Seller

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Union Home Mortgage Corp (UHM) is excited to announce that as of March 9, 2015, they will become a direct Freddie Mac approved seller. This direct relationship with one of the top Conventional Loan secondary market sources in the United States will not only increase UHM’s product offerings, but provide more efficient loan processing and increase underwriting flexibility.

The additional Freddie Mac products that UHM will offer include: Relief Refinance Mortgages – Open Access, No Cash-Out Refinance Mortgages, Home Possible Mortgages, Loans with Secondary Financing, and more. While the Home Possible Mortgages won’t be available until late March, UHM’s partners are still looking forward to increasing their list of products.

“Our Freddie Mac approval will enable UHM to offer customers many more options to research and compare loan programs and pricing,” said Brian Coleman, UHM Vice President. “This is an added benefit to the customer who wants to do their homework and choose the best loan program for their needs.”


Along with additional products coming available to customers, this direct lender status will help UHM increase underwriting flexibility and offer more efficient loan processing for their borrowers.

“The benefits of this direct relationship are two-fold,” Coleman said. “This relationship equates to efficiency for UHM as a lender, due to established consistency in Freddie Mac’s qualifying criteria. Building off of that, this direct relationship will also offer better qualifying criteria for applicants, because there will be less road blocks when processing loan applications.”

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About Union Home Mortgage Corp.

Union Home Mortgage Corp. (UHM) is a full-service residential mortgage banking company. UHM is an approved direct lender of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA and other conforming and non-QM loan products. To learn more about the world-class business process at Union Home Mortgage, please visit