June 18, 2019

Union Home Mortgage Corp. Launches UHM Bridge Loan Product

UHM Bridge Loan allows borrowers to use current equity toward down payments

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Union Home Mortgage (UHM) is excited to announce the launch of UHM Bridge Loan, a once common loan product over a decade ago to the industry.

UHM Bridge Loan eases the stress in the selling process by allowing customers to secure their dream home by leveraging the equity of their current home. It gives borrowers the ability use the equity in current home to purchase their next home when the current home has not sold yet.

If a borrower does not have enough money for a down payment, they can use their current capital to buy their new dream home. It allows the borrowers to qualifying with only one payment instead of two and no PMI.

 “With the launch of UHM Bridge Loan, UHM will be able to benefit homebuyers throughout the home buying process by working with each customer to give a personalized experience every step of the way,” said Bill Cosgrove, CEO. “To really deliver a world-class experience with this product, our loan officers do a fantastic job of helping ease the pressure of the process and educating the borrower on how Bridge Loan in particular will lower risk.”

The UHM Bridge Loan product is now available nationwide only in UHM’s retail division – exclusions include Maine, West Virginia and Texas.

Learn more about UHM products: www.unionhomemortgage.com/buy-your-home


About Union Home Mortgage

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